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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

...about this weekend...

This weekend the weather here was nothing short of spectacular.  We get about five of these kinds of days a year and we spent three of them this weekend.  Glorious.

I took the opportunity to walk the dogs and do my circuit every day.  Bill found me a knee brace that my son wore when he was playing baseball and it worked great!  If I wore it and then iced the knee when I got done, my pain was minimal and my knee feels better than it has since it did whatever it was it did on Friday.  Of course I modified some of the exercises in the circuit so I didn't do more damage.  It was great.

As I was working out on Sunday, I began thinking about when in the hell I was going to have time to workout after tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the start of our insane time at work.  We run 350-400 new hires through our doors from the end of May until late September.  It means very early mornings and many late nights.  I spend most of the summer exhausted.  Plus, I have always worked out in the evening.  I'm not a morning person and evenings seem to be best for me.  No way that's happening with any consistency this summer and what I need now, above anything else, is consistency.  That's the only way to form new, and healthier habits.

Just about the time I was thinking that I might as well give up, something clicked (no...not in my knee...in my head).  THIS IS A BATTLE!!!  It's a challenge.  I'm competitive and I like to win and most of all...I am one stubborn, bull-headed bitch.  If I approach this the way I approached quitting drinking or smoking or any other really, really hard thing I've ever done...namely...head down and plow on through, then I will win!  I always win...I will again.

That means I'm getting up at 5:00 am this summer and, depending on how much light I have, I will walk the dogs and then come home and do my circuit.  If I can't walk them then I will just do my circuit and maybe some yoga.  This is not my favorite option but I am so sick of hearing myself whine about the way I look .  I am on my own last nerve so I will take my own advice, if you don't like something...CHANGE IT you ninny!

On a different note...

We celebrated Brian and Matt's 18th birthday this weekend.  I baked and decorated their cake and not only did it look pretty cool.  It tasted great.  When they were little, I used to dress Brian in blue so that their preschool teachers could tell them apart ("b" for blue; "b" for Brian).  William was too uninterested to learn their real names (he was only 27 months when they were born and I ruined his life forever) so he called them the Blue Brother and the Red Brother.  The names stuck. 

The yin and yang symbol is an idea for a tattoo that they want (but can't afford yet thank God).  To me it reminds me of how they must have looked while I was carrying them.  The saying on the cake is a riff on Harry Potter which they used as their quote in their yearbook.  Under Brian's name it said, "One cannot survive..." and under Matthew's name (right next to Brian) it said, "...without the other".  Pretty clever...and sweet. (And yes I am well aware that I got it backwards on the cake...deal with it.)

A great time was had by all and Bill and I were left with the thought...where in the hell did the time go?


That was then...

This is now...


  1. Oh how sweet. I love the cake and their saying... very nice. Good luck with the exercise....you can do it. The first couple weeks are hard, but then it becomes a necessity. Really. lol

  2. Awesome looking cake...and awesome looking young chaps there!

    (I love the old pic of them passed out on Bill there)

    I got tired just reading your itinerary there, Sherry. Yikes. Good luck with the working out as well. I need to hear this sort of take the bull by the horns stuff. I have gained all my weight back that I lost from cutting sugar out of my diet (from getting back on sugar, of course). So I feel like a slug...maybe this post will plant a wee seed in me to get my butt moving again.

    Anyway, congrats on the boys' birthday. Wonderful mom :)


  3. Love the photos.. hope you are going well with your exercise regime...I am such a terrible stayer at anything exercise/food related... got all excited about myfitnesspal but am not doing it now...haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks! Back this week.. ups and downs.. life...