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Monday, May 6, 2013

Prom 2013

Menu my friend and I created for "the dinner"
I've been known to say this from time to time but, I am a blessed woman.

Blessed.  And lucky.  Very, very lucky.

This weekend was Prom.  My twins and their girlfriends' last gala in high school.  As prom's go, we got off fairly easy.  A new tuxedo purchased for one twin while the other got the "old" one.  New vests and ties to go with the Roaring 20's theme.  I bought the shoes for one girlfriend.  Wrist corsages.  Tickets.  Food and decorations for the Tuscan dinner they asked me to prepare and host rather than a reservation at a fancy restaurant.  Cheap in comparison to some of the stories I've heard from other parents.

My Tuscan table

Then, as if that wasn't enough, everyone was home and in bed by 12:30.  Wait...what?  Yes.  One twin and his girlfriend were home by 11:00 because he wasn't feeling well.  The other left at midnight because it got too crowded.  No after prom parties.  No drinking.  No drama.  Just a good time and some dreamy eyed girls talking about how wonderful it was to dance with my boys.


I'm not sure how the hubs and I managed to get so lucky in the kid department.  I'm sure we had a little to do with it but really, I think there was a lot of luck too.  And prayer.  Lots of prayer.

So here's one more prayer to add to the mix.

Dear God -

Thank you for giving my boys and their friends a wonderful evening and for delivering everyone home safe and sound.




  1. Oh how lovely. What wonderful sons you have.. and just a thought but don't you think you had more than 'a little to do with it'.. I mean HELLO???!!!! Great photos my friend. Whenever I get little glimpses of your house I like it very much. It looks warm and clean and homely yet stylish and lovely. You clearly have a gift for creating a warm loving environment.. one that your boys are happy to come home to. Well done you (and Elmo!) xxxx

  2. Loved this all. Beautiful setting, menu, etc. And yeah, you lucked out. I certainly didn't end up in bed at 12:30 sober and happy at my prom. That's a whole different story. But it's such a lovely thing you did, even buying the shoes for the girl. Wonderful. Great kids, great folks. congrats to you and the boys!

  3. Truly a very magical experience for all and very thrillin' for the parents and friend...

  4. OMG Sherry, I so know what you can be when you grow up. A party planner or prom planner (or even just a good ole event planner). That looked like an amazing night!! I LOVE that Tuscan themed menu and table--reminded me of that movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" at least I think that was the name of it.

    Mom and Dad did good. You really are blessed!