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Thursday, July 11, 2013

What the world needs is a good sarcasm font...

Yesterday I was reading a post over on Renegade Mothering who wrote what I consider to be a brilliant post on offending people.  (Warning:  If you don't understand or particularly like sarcasm as well as irreverent and over-the-top humor you should probably NOT click on that link.  However if you, like me, enjoy the hell out of it then by all means check her out.)  In it she discussed how sensitive we've all become and how she really doesn't care if she offends you because it's a fact of human nature.  At one time in all of our lives we will either be offended or offend someone.

So. What.

Please don't get me wrong...I would never, ever get out of bed and start my day with, "Hmmm...today I think I'll offend someone and totally piss them off!  That will make my day!"  In fact, I'm a people pleaser (I'm trying to stop it but it's hard) so to do this would go against the core of my being and would likely cause me to spontaneously combust.  Nevertheless, I have, on occasion said something or done something that has offended.  I know it's hard to believe but it is true.

So. What.

Apologize, or don't.  Move on, or don't.  Put on your big girl panties and/or boxers (I don't judge) and deal.  We're all grown-ups here. We've all become so politically correct that All In The Family wouldn't even make it on the air now (probably why you never see it in reruns) which would be a crime.  We're so sanitized that we're afraid to open our mouths for fear of offending someone.  The only thing not politically correct in this world are the politicians!  But I digress...That's not really what this post is about.

I went back and read the post in question - the one that apparently created a firestorm of comments, hurt feelings and trolling.  The post was...meh.  But the comments!  Oh my good gracious!  Obviously there are way more people out their with way more time on their hands than me because they were (and continue to from what I can tell) engaging in a full on web-based bitch slap session!  Who has time for that shit?  I feel the same way about this that I do about television, radio and social media...if it offends you, TURN IT OFF.

If what is on TV is not to your liking, then remove the television from your home.  If you're worried about what your children are watching then parent them, monitor what they watch, use the child block feature on your TV or call your cable network and block the channels.  Or remove the damn thing and hand them a book.

If you stumble on a blogger that you don't agree with and you comment and express your view, than move the hell on.  If subsequent posts continue to offend you then don't go back to that site!  When you stumble upon a radio station that's playing music or talk you don't like do you continue to listen?  Not me, I push those buttons and find something that I can sing along with and annoy the hell out of my family.  After all, we're usually in a car and I have them captive and I get so few opportunities like this anymore...

If I knew Renegade (which I don't but I wish I did because I think we'd be besties) I would tell her that once you've apologized for offending and explained over and over and over again that sarcasm is, in fact, an effective form of communication and that obviously the post was meant to be a joke, you should let it go and not have to apologize any longer FOR WHAT YOU WRITE IN YOUR OWN FUCKING BLOG!

Then again, she certainly doesn't need my advice.  She has thousands and thousands of readers and some of her posts have even gone viral while I have tens of readers (whom I adore) and am fairly new to this.  So actually, if I knew Renegade, she would obviously tell me to shut the fuck up and stop giving her advice because we're not, nor have we ever been, besties and I'm just a creepy lurker on her blog that worships the ground she writes on.

And if the world had a good sarcasm font that entire last sentence would be in it and you wouldn't be scratching your head right now wondering where my good sense has gone.

End of rant.  Thanks for listening.



  1. LOL Love this. I recently stuck my foot in my mouth and offended someone with what they perceived as a racist comment. I truly didn't mean it the way this person took it....its not even about them, but about Mollys bf, whom I adore! Oh gosh, the more I tried to make it better...the worse it got. My girl laughed and said, "Mom, YOU offended someone!" LOL It was like a big moment or something.

  2. I loved this and the post that inspired this.

    sarcasm font: http://thenextweb.com/dd/2011/12/12/finally-sarcasm-has-a-voice-in-print-with-its-own-font/

    I have been told lately that I am "blunt" and "straightforward" at work. I find it creeping into my personal life. Not blunt in an offensive kind of way, but if I offend, well then I take a look at it. I have to be on guard in making sure I am not being insensitive or brusque. I have to monitor my body language and tone. But if my motives are clean and the message is the truth (not out to hurt someone deliberately, etc), THEN it's not my problem. I can't choose how people react to what I say. That's where they can suck lemons. lol.

    You're right about moving away from the irritation. I have dropped people I follow on twitter because I don't like their negativity or whatever. I don't follow blogs I find annoying or not in line with my own views. I change the channel on the radio station when I don't like a song. I don't go and harangue the radio station. I just change the channel. But with the anonymity and safety of the interweb, people like to just be boorish at times and project crap onto others. C'est la vie. I just ignore those folks. It's easy to get into wars of words that quickly break down and get personal.

    Anyway, I am rambling myself now :)

    Thanks for this - awesome!