Zen: (noun) A Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

House Cleaning

As part of my new blogging efforts, I have taken the opportunity to clean out my blogroll.  I took a look at the 60 or more sites that were on it and culled the ones who either no longer write or I no longer wish to read.  There were more than I thought.  Many of the bloggers with whom I began my writing career (career...now THAT's funny) have stopped writing for one reason or another.  Most, like me, have just run out of things to say on the topic of sobriety.  It's that simple.

Then there are the ones that I've stopped reading.  Those come up on my reader whenever they post but I tend to skip over them.  Usually it's because they put way too much negative energy into the universe and I just don't have time for that.  Life is too short to spend inviting negativity into your life and then wondering why you're so depressed.  So I just skip over them.  I already spend enough money on good drugs to fight my depression - no sense in making the process more difficult.

So that left a lot of space.  Hmmm...how does one go about finding new blogs?  I really had to think back about how I got connected to all those wonderful, insightful, funny and engaging bloggers/friends that I kept on my list and that I will always read.  What did I do to find them?

I Googled it of course!  I Googled "sobriety blogs" and "help to stop drinking" and all those other buzz words we find in our own search engines.  And then once I found a good one, I clicked on their blog rolls to see what and who they were reading which, if I wasn't careful, would lead me down a rabbit hole and have me reading touching and poignant blog posts all afternoon.

I started with "yoga", "zen" and "recovery".  I also tried "over fifty", "menopause" (that was not good), and "empty nesting".  Some were good and some...meh.  But I got a couple of blogs to test and see if it's what I want to use to augment my blogroll.  It did feel like I was moving forward in my life.

I just hope I can find some as good as what I've come to love with my sobriety blogs. 

Nah...never happen.  ;-)



  1. I like this...you have to instruct me how to get here but I like the fact that you are expanding your horizons...I love you baby!!!

  2. I don't think I'll start googling "menopause" - Mrs F might see that on the history and may well misconstrue that :-/...

    "Over 50" - bloody hell I'm now in that category - well I am actually 50 so not over it yet. How come I'm 50? I never passed a test to be that, I certainly don't feel mature enough to be 50. Can't I ask to be put back down a decade or two to where I feel more comfortable?

    My Dad died in his 50s - there is a thought that frankly scares me

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