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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Organization of it All

I just finished organizing a storage room at work.  It's not really my job but it was driving me crazy so of course I just did it.  I do that kind of shit all the time.  It makes me happy.

If I were to get all psychological, I'd say it stems from my chaotic childhood where nothing was ever structured or in order or in place and I craved it.  Most alcoholic homes are chaotic and mine was no different.  In addition, we lived in apartments where there is NO storage and you're always purging to make room for something new or just to be able to put away the crap you already have.  So I'm hard wired this way...not a thing we can do about it.

It's a double edged sword though.  On the one hand, I'm the finder of all lost things.  I get texts when I'm out of  town and someone is in search of a particular item that no one can seem to find.  It's no real mystery, it's just that I'm the only one in the house that actually puts things AWAY.

This need for order also gives me a keen sense of balance which makes me good at Feng Shui.  I know where to place things so that they feel right.  Some people think its bullshit.  Until I rearrange their home and they tell me how much more relaxed and nice it feels.  How's that bullshit working for ya?  Moved your bed and now you're sleeping better?  Hmmmm...  Rearranged your living room and now you're not bickering as much?  Hmmmm...  I'll take that kind of bullshit any day of the week.

When I look at data (usually at work) I immediately begin to categorize, organize and prioritize.  That's what makes me a good project manager.  I'm a list maker.  I make lists just to cross things off those lists. And because I'm good at organizing, prioritizing and crossing things off lists, I get shit DONE.  Remember that old Army commercial that said, "We get more done before 6 AM then most people do all day"?  Yeah...that's me.  Well...except for the whole "before 6 AM" thing.  I'm more like, "I get more done in most days then most people do all week".  I do not get up before 6 AM unless a baby is crying or the house is on fire.

On the other hand, I can make people a little nuts.  I follow up meetings with recap emails so that everyone knows what their take-aways are.  Most people like it, some don't.  I usually hear from those that don't.  And they are usually the ones that miss deadlines.  Sorry you don't like my project management style - deal with it.

I also need for surfaces to be clear of clutter and mayhem.  I get teased because when I leave me desk at work, everything is put away and the surface is clear.  I used to work for a bank president who insisted that every one's desk be clear of everything except their adding machine (yes...adding machine) and their phone (no, it did not have a rotary dial).  It spoke to me.  It WAS me.  So I continue the practice to this day.

At home I'm no less infuriating.  I straighten magazines.  I'm constantly cleaning off our resident dumping ground which happens to be the kitchen counter.  Bookshelves must be neat.  My makeup and nail polish is organized as are the rest of my toiletries.  My shoes, clothes and jewelry are organized.  My linen closet is a thing of beauty and if I had more money, I'd do it up "Martha Stewart" style with pretty bins and cute labels..but alas...that is only a dream.

Believe it or not, I've relaxed over the years but I still rearrange furniture and put away stuff and if you're looking for something, give me a call.  I probably know where it is.


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